Week 4 – Secret Interview Techniques

This week’s topic is Secret Interview Techniques. During this week we have learned about various forms of interviewing techniques being used by the employers one come across in life from getting a  job. No matter where you go in the life when the things ending up to hunting a good job, then you will be involved in a formal or informal interview.


While reading this week’s lecture found a very common but important question which is how I can promote myself in an interview. Self marketing was the main take away that in order to become an appropriate person for the employer self marketing is very important. One of the common mistake done by people is that they are underselling themselves just because they don’t prepare themselves for the job interview and at times don’t even know what the job requirements are.


There are lots of things that an employer wants to have an appropriate candidate and they try to find it in an interview or series of interview with the candidate. Media industry is not different, it’s not only the portfolio or CV that you have generated for your application form, what makes the difference is the impression that you will be able to make upon the interviewer, whether he is the company representative or the one you are trying to sell your idea.

In the media industry, impression matters a lot as an interviewer is much more interested in the candidates who are not in the state of vagueness while they appear in the interview. Normally, there are a series of interviews taken before selecting an employee. Starting off with on the phone interview to digitally generated interviews to one to one interviews. One has to be more and more organized while few steps are given in the article;


Overall Lecture has given me the positive impact that I should learn from my common mistake and think what need to change and how I position myself in the creative media industry.


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