Week 1 – How Are We The Same

We are going to start this week  CIU111 unit where we are going to learn the ways in which people in media industry share some characteristics with each others. They share various traits and more importantly, are described in the same manner as being ”creative” dealing with unique and new media every time. We studied a research study conducted by Rosalind Gill in detail, where  Gill described different ways in which new media workers are broadly depicted by explaining 10 main characteristics of new media life.

Entrepreneurs are generally considered as starting a new startup company, whether in the original it’s a habit, an attitude and a state of mind that impels one to come up with something new by creating an opportunity within another opportunity. Thus, companies are focusing on people who have innovation in their blood by encouraging entrepreneurialism within their company and have termed it: Intrapreneurs are the persons who rather than creating their own company use their entrepreneurial skill with their existing company.




In new media, life work is mostly project based which results in a cyclical cash inflow. To minimize any up and down of the income what normally people do is that they have to undertake several projects at the same time. This results in parallel working on two or more projects at the same time. Media workers are not able to concentrate on one project solely that’s why getting laid off is becoming very common.

It is a common notion that people in new media work for low pay which is a result of ever increasing competition in the industry. Getting a very successful idea is not that easy and out of the box projects are very rare. Thus, for one’s survival one has to take up the projects with the  low paybacks and at times have to work unpaid for hours.

Another shared characteristic of new media workers is that they have to work very long hours. This time, even increases if you are freelancing or works in micro enterprises having fewer facilities. Gill emphasis that one should have a work-life balance in order to have good quality work at managing time is a skill that has to be developed to have a happy relax work life.

Keeping up with knowledge and enhancing your skill set on a continuous basis is a core demand of the new media industry. As this industry in advancing at a great pace by having newer and newer software packages thus there is an increasing need of keeping yourself abreast of new knowledge.New media workers are mostly highly educated and have a high focus on ‘learning by doing’. This is because of their urge to keep up with the ever-changing new media industry.

The informal working environment is one of the most common features of the creative industry as they are deemed to help people in becoming more and more creative at their creative product.This informality results in a highly networked creative person with lots and lots for opportunities created by their contacts.

By this week’s lecture I have come to know about the shared attributes of creative media industry and this will help me understand the culture of my workplace once I am in the job market.


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