Week 2 – Your Income & Your Art

During this week we have learned that there are a number of career pathways in the creative media industry. Throughout the career no one will stick to just a single area of industry to earn money rather there is a mix of sources adapted to maximize the skill and money as well. Thus commonly people say that earning and learning primarily depend on student aptitude and the line that he chooses.


Choosing a career is an important aspect of one’s life and there are a lot of factors to see while doing it. Some energy and time has to be given in selecting a career. Income is considered as one of the most important parameters.

Working in the media industry is normally considered as a low income career. It is a common notion that people in the art industry, work for low pay which is a result of ever increasing competition in the industry. Thus, for excelling in art industry one has to take up the projects with different tactics to make them a hit. This basic model depicts some driving forces and essential capabilities in the media industry to increase revenue.

Keeping this in mind there will be many options when I will pass out from which I would be able to gain income from my creative projects ranging from working from art studios to my own art house to gaining sponsorships. Initially I aim to get hold of a job in any of the good art studios here in Australia and worldwide. In Australia I will be finding jobs in some of the major art studios in Australia like Flying Fox Studio, Brand X studio, in the spotlight. Afterwards will be focusing on major studios worldwide like Madhouse, Nick and Pixar. I have some intentions of opening my own art studio if I get that opportunity to capitalize my dream.



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