Week 3 – Copyright and Contracts.

This week we read  much detail about copyrights. What actually is copyrights and how does it works in the creative media field. As the article explains two types of copyrights; works and subject matters other than works. Both of them have equal importance and complete the range of work from literary to films to sound recording. It is explained in the article that texts and scripts can be copyright while ideas cannot be. Anyone can use the idea in their own way. It also says that who actually owns a copyright can vary from an individual to an organization and what are the boundaries in which a copyright holder can and cannot use his work after it being copyrighted.

A couple of years ago copyrights were generally considered as that if someone’s  copyright his/her work it makes his own work to be as locked and at the same time the users of copyrighted materials use to consider  them as not to be used work whereas now its all reversed as explained by this comic strip in an excellent way.



Once anything is, copyrighted it become the property of the owner of the copyright whether he is an individual or an organization. Anyone who wants to use a copyrighted work can use it fairly at a limited level. The diagram below explains the fine line between copyrights and their fair usage.



Once a work is copyrighted and someone wants to fairly use it you need to know what permission culture is. Creative common are working hand in hand with copyrights for making the thing available for future use by people in an easy and accessible way.


Creative Commons & Copyright Info. (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2015, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YkbeycRa2A

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