Week 5: Inclusive Design

This week’s lecture we’re going to discuss the ways in which our world can divide race, gender, cultures and disabilities. Being creative Industry, we should find ways where we can get more chances to attract more people with all different backgrounds so it will surely help to get a better response, profit and more opportunities.

The Creative media industry is highly dependent upon the audience. While designing anything one has to keep in mind the design ability to be adaptable for a larger audience, thus it should be able to construct, instruct and shape viewer’s opinion easily and as desired.


It is a common believe that when you are targeting a larger audience accessibility of the audience plays an important role. As a creative design is interpreted by audience differently because they perceive things differently. People having vision, hearing and mobility issues make this grey area even more wide. As audience with color blindness see the design in different colors as they actually are.

The Same holds true for people with other disabilities. If they hear less or have any other disability, they need to consider while creative media are taken into account. As shown in this video people with different disabilities are given exposure to different types of music and dances.

Cultural diversity on the other hand plays an important role in the creative media industry. As everything is designed  for larger audiences and targeted to the world all around. Thus, it has to be kept in mind that gender, race, ethnicity, culture as well as the sexual understanding of the targeted audience is studied in depth to avoid any sort of conflict.


I think this is very important to careful when we go to taking part in a project. What is the project? Will it be the same message what I have been told? Will it be discriminatory by any means? Controversial project? Etc. This lecture made me start to question how I can share my animation with others? And how are they reacting? But it would be much easier if I choose a project that could easily to absorb in all society/ gender/ culture. But for instance, if I would have to work on a project which is for the specific culture, language, gender etc. Then I would have to be neutral.


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