Month: February 2016

ANI210 Animation Studio Week 1

This week was our first week after long break, so pretty excited. Week one was pretty much obvious that we went through unit guidelines and how we going to work because this is our first studio unit so this unit design slightly different from our previous units. We will mostly work in group which is already assigned and we already started work on. Now we have to focus on how we can contribute our skills in a group for that there are KPI’s design to calculate how smoothly we can work. I’ve read and understand all the unit guidelines and it will be clearer in couple of weeks too.

Our first group project is Rapid pong. We have to design in a 2D/3D pong music video. Project is really exciting for each of us and now we are sharing our thoughts and ideas how we going to do, how it looks cool etc. We almost complete our mood boarding, art bible for our pitch.

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