Month: March 2016

ANI210 Animation Studio Week 5

This week was a last week of our rapid project so pretty much busy with finishing my effects and I need to work on for our sound effects too, so pretty much lot of things to do.

The effects are pretty much ready to roll there is no changes all I’ve done just rendered all my effects and related files uploaded on google drive. Now Curtis has to put everything in order and will do the final composting. I’ve done the sound effects as well, but I’m not really happy because it didn’t sound what I really want, but anyway I’ve done that lets see what team members decide. I’m really looking forward to the screening and the final presentation of rapid project hopefully it will rock.

Now my character is going good as well, pretty much happy so far with my model. I really want to keep my pointy look visibly because the original yellow diamond character has very pointy looks in the ‘Steven Universe’ series. Next week I will work more on my character and will finish my UV mapping, texturing and rigging done.

This week we were testing the DSLR camera, we cover how to operate the camera like insert memory card and attached a lens with it, then how to control white balance when we take pictures, ISO settings, formatting card, and shutter speed. I need to learn and prepare for the test next week.


ANI210 Animation Studio Week 4

This week was pretty hectic for me because I need to complete the effects which can collaborate with our Pong theme and looks sophisticated too, because there was lots of things I did in the previous week, but I wasn’t really satisfied because somehow it didn’t work or I would say making other stuff weak. So I challenge myself to produce something flashy, spinning, neon and fast effects which can help to create something looks cool.

I started online tutorial which helped me to create something what I was exactly thinking. In our week we decided to create neon objects, but we are using pretty basic and black & white objects which I think it’s looking really dull as per the last week feedback from the rest of the class.

This is the screen shots of my neon cube and glowing particles follow the path.

This one logo reveal, particles change with different shapes and finish at the logo.

This is something pretty exciting for me to create, it took me to take longer to create but at the end looks pretty good for our background. This effect we are going to use for our background.

Now my 2nd project is character design and I almost finished my character. I’ve changed my character as well, I will keep my color palette same, but in design few changes like overall my character is looking more pointy but slightly curve as well.

finished character

Overall this week was really busy, but I’m happy to see progress a lot in my work in the end. I will start to model my character next week.

ANI210 Animation Studio Week 3

Our 3rd week, time flying, but a good start. We are the Steven universe group and worked on our character design which we presented in last the week class. This week I’m focusing more on character design and for that I watched few online tutorials which were pretty much helpful. I also found a book from the library that help me to understand the basic techniques of character design.

Manga Secrets by Lea Hernandez. This is a very informative book to learn character design. The book has over 50 quick lesson in drawings.

I was really worried about my character because I don’t know much about the Steven universe series, but after reading this book, I’m pretty much confident to draw better character.


This is my character I drew for my feedback presentation this week. Our Rapid project is going bit slow this week because of the audio guys, the sound they gave us basic beat sound. I’ve compiled few sounds which are 8bit sound with some modern fusion, and I’ve made a few new effects as well, but it’s pretty much similar but let see how we can collaborate with the animation.

ANI210 Animation Studio Week 2

This week starts with more study load, and we learned the basic principals of design and digital painting. The lecture was very  informative for me to understand more about the design concept.

The basic principals of design are following;

Point – Line – Direction – Shape – Colour –Tone – Texture

The very basic principle of design is a point. If you’re going to design a character, object or anything, it starts with the single point, then point makes line and line has different direction like horizontal, vertical, curve etc. Then we add shape in it, shape identifies the structure, proportion or size how the character should look, like if I’m drawing super hero then my design should be mature enough to convince the viewer, and in the end, we add texture & colour,  Texture defines the surface quality of the shape, like design would be smooth, rough, hard, soft, glossy etc. Colours define the right value and intensity  like how dark & light or bright & dull.

Our second project is a character design. We have to choose one character from a TV series of ‘Steven Universe’ and model it in 3d, and following my few character concepts, trying to figure it out how the character would look.

The progress of our first project, Rapid Pong is going good. In a project I’m working on the particle effects side and I’ve no idea of Adobe After effects, but I’ve started my on-line courses from digital tutors which helps me to get familiar with the After Effects interface.

I’ve designed a few sample logos as well for the rapid project. I’ve seen few logos on slack by my group mates, but it was all black ‘n white, and our game interface is also a black ‘n white so I think the logo should be retro kind of feeling.