ANI210 Animation Studio Week 2

This week starts with more study load, and we learned the basic principals of design and digital painting. The lecture was very  informative for me to understand more about the design concept.

The basic principals of design are following;

Point – Line – Direction – Shape – Colour –Tone – Texture

The very basic principle of design is a point. If you’re going to design a character, object or anything, it starts with the single point, then point makes line and line has different direction like horizontal, vertical, curve etc. Then we add shape in it, shape identifies the structure, proportion or size how the character should look, like if I’m drawing super hero then my design should be mature enough to convince the viewer, and in the end, we add texture & colour,  Texture defines the surface quality of the shape, like design would be smooth, rough, hard, soft, glossy etc. Colours define the right value and intensity  like how dark & light or bright & dull.

Our second project is a character design. We have to choose one character from a TV series of ‘Steven Universe’ and model it in 3d, and following my few character concepts, trying to figure it out how the character would look.

The progress of our first project, Rapid Pong is going good. In a project I’m working on the particle effects side and I’ve no idea of Adobe After effects, but I’ve started my on-line courses from digital tutors which helps me to get familiar with the After Effects interface.

I’ve designed a few sample logos as well for the rapid project. I’ve seen few logos on slack by my group mates, but it was all black ‘n white, and our game interface is also a black ‘n white so I think the logo should be retro kind of feeling.



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