ANI210 Animation Studio Week 3

Our 3rd week, time flying, but a good start. We are the Steven universe group and worked on our character design which we presented in last the week class. This week I’m focusing more on character design and for that I watched few online tutorials which were pretty much helpful. I also found a book from the library that help me to understand the basic techniques of character design.

Manga Secrets by Lea Hernandez. This is a very informative book to learn character design. The book has over 50 quick lesson in drawings.

I was really worried about my character because I don’t know much about the Steven universe series, but after reading this book, I’m pretty much confident to draw better character.


This is my character I drew for my feedback presentation this week. Our Rapid project is going bit slow this week because of the audio guys, the sound they gave us basic beat sound. I’ve compiled few sounds which are 8bit sound with some modern fusion, and I’ve made a few new effects as well, but it’s pretty much similar but let see how we can collaborate with the animation.


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