ANI210 Animation Studio Week 4

This week was pretty hectic for me because I need to complete the effects which can collaborate with our Pong theme and looks sophisticated too, because there was lots of things I did in the previous week, but I wasn’t really satisfied because somehow it didn’t work or I would say making other stuff weak. So I challenge myself to produce something flashy, spinning, neon and fast effects which can help to create something looks cool.

I started online tutorial which helped me to create something what I was exactly thinking. In our week we decided to create neon objects, but we are using pretty basic and black & white objects which I think it’s looking really dull as per the last week feedback from the rest of the class.

This is the screen shots of my neon cube and glowing particles follow the path.

This one logo reveal, particles change with different shapes and finish at the logo.

This is something pretty exciting for me to create, it took me to take longer to create but at the end looks pretty good for our background. This effect we are going to use for our background.

Now my 2nd project is character design and I almost finished my character. I’ve changed my character as well, I will keep my color palette same, but in design few changes like overall my character is looking more pointy but slightly curve as well.

finished character

Overall this week was really busy, but I’m happy to see progress a lot in my work in the end. I will start to model my character next week.


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