ANI210 Animation Studio Week 5

This week was a last week of our rapid project so pretty much busy with finishing my effects and I need to work on for our sound effects too, so pretty much lot of things to do.

The effects are pretty much ready to roll there is no changes all I’ve done just rendered all my effects and related files uploaded on google drive. Now Curtis has to put everything in order and will do the final composting. I’ve done the sound effects as well, but I’m not really happy because it didn’t sound what I really want, but anyway I’ve done that lets see what team members decide. I’m really looking forward to the screening and the final presentation of rapid project hopefully it will rock.

Now my character is going good as well, pretty much happy so far with my model. I really want to keep my pointy look visibly because the original yellow diamond character has very pointy looks in the ‘Steven Universe’ series. Next week I will work more on my character and will finish my UV mapping, texturing and rigging done.

This week we were testing the DSLR camera, we cover how to operate the camera like insert memory card and attached a lens with it, then how to control white balance when we take pictures, ISO settings, formatting card, and shutter speed. I need to learn and prepare for the test next week.


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