ANI210 Animation Studio Week 6

This week I’ve focused more on my Character project. I’ve completed my yellow diamond character with texture and also finished the rigging process as well.

I’ve tried to make sure that my rig and all its bones naming conventions are according to all the appropriate standards the I’ve learned. Rigging is the hardest part after the texturing but I’m satisfied with my rig.

I’m quite happy with my modelling, I added more curve in my model, but didn’t lose her pointy sharp look so it looks much better than before.

Rapid Project Screening

The rapid project presentation went really well, we received amazing feedback from our teachers and from the audio students too. Our project was perfectly balanced with animation, sound, effects, nothing was really over and our project was in the 30 second budget, so overall we’ve received good feedback from all of the students and teaching staff. Everyone has done their best work in this project, we’ve very good coordination throughout this project and I think we succeeded in our project but let see how the marks ended up.

Here is the link of our Rapid Pong project.


Camera Test

After the project, I’ve done my camera test which went well too. I’ve set up the tripod and build the camera with battery and memory card and attached to the tripod, then turn my camera on and put it in manual mode. He asked me a few questions about the shutter speed, white balance. I took a few pictures to show how it works and then formatted the card.

  • The shutter speed is the unit of measurement which determines how long shutter remains open as the picture is taken.
  • F-stops affect the depth of field in your pictures and the amount of light entering your lens.
  • The camera’s ISO setting is its sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive it is. This is measured according to international standards, so ISO 100 on one camera will be exactly the same as ISO 100 on another.

The four functions of the lens are;

  1. Zoom
  2. Focus
  3. Iris
  4. Auto/manual
  • Put the camera on video mode and hold the info button until I get the information.
  • I safely pack back the camera and tripod.

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