ANI210 Animation Studio Week 8

I’ve completed my personal project character and it’s almost done, I’ve completed my modelling, UV unwrap and texture so from now if I have time I will complete the story boarding and animate. My plan is to animate with some funny dance move.

I was looking some good reference images on the internet and the I found this and that makes me inspire to model and animate.


Then after got the reference image my 2nd job was to model according to this reference image and this is a low poly model .

After complete my modelling job, I have to do UV mapping so that I can do the texturing. and this is the first time I’ve done UV mapping in a correct way.

Texturing is the hardest job for me because I don’t have a very strong background of drawings, but so far this it looks much much better and the feedback I’ve received it’s all positive.

Now the last of this project was to animate my character it will look in the rig, so yeah this time overall I’ve done really hard work and it looks amazing. I’ve tested my rig and work fine but I’m thinking of some  funny dance move or comedy kind of storyboarding with this character but let see it’s all depends on how I can manage my time because I need to finish my other projects too.

There is some stretch reference video:




This week we attended Audio students pitches which were pretty good and I’m thinking of collaborating with them for that I’ve pretty much done my homework what exactly I’ve to do. I’m thinking of visualise  that music with particle, but in different style I’m thinking of the little story in the background and that would be pretty basic one like half of the screen is reserved for the visual music beat in circles and on top of that I need to collect few clips like dancing lady or fast moving city or moving stuff, but that will appear in particles form with the different colors and sync with music. It’s a pretty hard job, but I’m ready to do, I’ve already started a bit of work so let see what kind of music comes for me.



The next project is an obstacle course, this week we need to do keying in flash. I’m thinking of Charlie Chaplin character for my obstacle project.


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