ANI210 Animation Studio Week 9

This week started with disappointment, because I was waiting for the audio students come to our class as they said in their presentation last week, but they all went to game presentation, actually I’ve worked out and almost pretty much done my storyboard too but anyway that’s OK because I’ve been contacted by the game team for the Overdriven project.

The reason why I said yes to them because there was lot’s of cool cars to model pretty excited but need to model 6-8 different cars, that’s actually big job to do and as I’m working for our obstacle course project too, so pretty hard to do because I don’t have much time left as I need to polish some other stuff too for exhibition. In Overdriven, I’m the only animator, which is quite challenging, but I’m hopeful to give my job accurate and on time. The art bible and the Ghantt chart have been received.


My obstacle course project is going well. The character I’ve chosen is Charlie Chaplin, working on maya is a little hard for me, I think it’s because I’m used to of 3ds max. I have downloaded few reference images of Charlie Chaplin the way he walked and move, so hopefully will match the key poses.


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