Month: May 2016

Obstacle Course

In the obstacle course project, pre-made Norman rig has been provided and we have to choose one character and animate Norman rig. I’ve chosen Charlie Chaplin character. When I say Charlie Chaplin the first thing comes in my mind is a comedy or his funny style, so it’s the biggest challenge for me to create such situation that looks funny.

This is the first time I’m going to work on Maya. I’ve never worked on Maya before this project, so it’s difficult to understand its interface. I was really busy with my cross discipline project and it’s a bit hard for me to start a new thing. My first animation was little messed and I didn’t receive good feedback in the class, so I decided to start fresh and for that I need enough time to complete and I have only four days to complete my animation for the final presentation.

This is what I made for my Final Presentation, I add a hat for him and change the ending according to last feedback in class. I can clearly see few mistakes but literally I don’t have time to breakdown  otherwise it will more mess. I will try to change before the exhibition.