VFX Specialisation

Well, I was so excited that we were going to start our specialise VFX project. I have to collaborate with Nico and we decide to create a holographic scene with SCI FI HUD, for that we’ve created our assets list because if you collaborate with someone else the workload should be equally divided by both of them.

Initially, we created our final script for the scene which is pretty small about 30-40 second long, now we have to ready for our shoot and for that we spoke to Micheal to act as an actor and he agreed.


So this is our cross-discipline project with film student Jamie, who was doing our camera, light and green screen. On our first shoot, we have to show that Micheal (actor) received a call from rebel and he threatens him that he will destroy all the cities and later he hacks all his system. We have successfully shot our scene.

Just for the 30-40 second scene, it took us to shoot about 5-6 hours,  but I’m happy that at least we’ve learned new skills about how to film a scene & how we have to check small stuff which creates a significant effect on screen.

Unfortunately, while we start to shoot our scene we have no paperwork or plan obviously it was our first shoot, but Jamie was quite professional he was kept asking us how to shoot, but we made one mistake that we filmed all the scene in green screen, but actually we need green screen only on the desk where an actor was working we need to create a CG table instead of that, and for that now we have to shoot all the scene again otherwise, if we stick with our first shot we have to create all the scene in CG which was impossible. So the easiest way was to shoot again.

So our next shoot we were quite prepared and completed our R & D, I’ve created a whole demo scene in 3ds max and we plan every single step that we have to execute the plan this time, even we test different lighting effects which took about 3-4 hours but we were quite amazed by the Jamie skill he created exactly what we want with almost no shadows in the background and that looks so good.









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