Exhibition & Showreel

In this trimester we’ve been involved in two major projects Aftermath and VFX and both of my projects were group projects and I can say at this moment both of my projects gave me more confidence to show my skills to the Industry professionals.

In this exhibition, my target audiences were an industry professional, employees, my seniors and juniors too, so that is why I’ve tried to make my show-reel simple and concise I just added only those assets what I really think it looks professional. This time, I’ve researched on the colour combination, avoid choosing bright colours and try to sync my video with subtle background music. I’ve received very good response from the people who saw my show reel, most of them like my slow pan camera work in the show reel.

The Aftermath was a modelling project for me, I created seven different models in 3Ds Max and for the texture, I used Quixel that was a fabulous experience and then all the assets we took into Unreal Engine where we create our alleyway environment.

My 2nd project was VFX where we decided to go live shot. In the beginning I was thinking I could do this project pretty easily, but when we started this project, it was quite difficult, there were lots of small stuff we should’ve planned earlier, but we overlook few important stuff and we couldn’t manage to complete our project on time, but the good thing was we both have completed our assets for the project at least we have partial complete scene which we showed in our show-reel.


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