Staging or the screen space is the area where all your work/animation will play. A communication between character and the viewers which show pose or the action and it can relate to the story through the attitude, mood, reaction, or the idea this is called staging. Every scene, sequence and the frame of the movie should relate to the overall story because time is very limited in a movie, and don’t make confuse the viewers with all the actions at once, try to use one action clearly stated to get the idea what actually trying to communicate.
We tried to apply the same strategies to our VFX project that our staging would work with our overall story and how the viewers will connect. So for that, we had a conversation with our facilitator Brett and he gave us some effective advice to our project how to use the correct colour scheme and how are some of the elements will work when the camera will move.


So, this is our final output of staging. We have the biggest challenge is that we have moving camera and then we have holographic images popping in & out, so that is why we need correct staging for our scene.


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