Topology is an important part of any modelling process, small edges are connected to each other and connect to all across the model this is called topology. Topology is a technical consideration of the modelling process and you can easily figure it out how the character will animate or another aspect of the good topology is when modelling for animation increased and the resolution of the polygonal area of the model will undergo and most of the deformation happens during the animation in joints, facial features & moving parts.

I’ve modelled this character in MDU125 and try to model with good topology and try to consideration of all the necessary aspects of the good topology.

I’ve watched few tutorials from digital tutors which helped me to understand the character modelling and the right topology, but this tutorial I guess is the best tutorial for me and anyone who wants to learn  topology, form and proportion, In this tutorial he described everything in detail it really helped.

When we edit an organic model which is going to be used in animation, then we should consider the topology very closely that edge flow should follow the form of the shape and should be positioned right because if it’s not right then there is a possibility that when there is a bending happens it will distort the faces.

Mesh’s Edge flow of the lines describes the effectiveness of the topology depending how good or bad. Sometimes it doesn’t really matter how well the edge flow forms the shape of that mesh, often when we apply smoothing groups on our mesh, subsurface modifiers will distort the shape if it’s bad topology, so the edge flow should be distributed evenly and add some extra edges to the corner.

If the mesh is designed to bend, then avoid the use of N-gons because they have so many vertices, quads are better than the  N-gons, but still not that good because when we bend our mesh it will collapse but triangle are retained when bending happening. There should be enough lines available to follow the direction of the curves.


In the above picture you can see, that there is no collapse in yellow mesh but green one collapsing.

For the head, it should be better edge flow and its form concentric circles around the cavities like eyes and the mouth, because this significant measure allows lots of flexibility of easy reshaping opening or closing. For the smooth curves around the limbs that bend fingers and elbow joints, it’s better to have three or more edge flow around the bend. If it’s aligned poor edge flow around the joints, then there is a more chance to have deformations, but if we want to have a good topology then we have to consider the above points.


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