Month: October 2016


In this trimester, I’m going to do modeling for my specialization and I will be focusing on character modeling.

I got a chance to model few different characters in my last few trimester, infect my second trimester I made my first character modeling and it was not bad. This time in my specialization I’m thinking to develop some of the famous 2D game characters from the 90’s, like street fighter & king of fighters and give them a 3D look.

I haven’t thought much about my character, that which character I’m going to choose, but I decided that I will be choosing from above two games. In character modeling I’m going to focus on body muscle, hair, and outfits, so these above three characters are pretty much similar what I really want to model. My research topic would be Character Modelling, topology, texture, and shaders.



Shot Deconstruction

So yeah, I need to do my shot deconstruction for my scene which is the 2nd shot of our scene where I’m responsible large scale slow pan camera move in the library, In this shot, I need to show the library architecture by sweeping shot so far that I research I will try to use slow pan camera with fade in & out.

The scene starts with the slow pan camera, The story of my shot starts with ‘arrived at a sprawling round hall where a spiraling Ballista  of shadows was pierced by shafts of light from a high glass dome above us. A labyrinth of passageways and crammed bookshelves rose from base to pinnacle like a beehive, woven with tunnels, steps, platforms, and bridges that presaged an immense library of seemingly impossible geometry’.

So now I’m planning to my shot with some good camera move in  that I watched a couple of different scenes from various movies, but what I really admire is Alex Roman CG production of The Third & The Seventh.

I just love the way he used the camera very smoothly and capture every detail, so I decided I will use this video as a reference, I’m thinking I will start my scene from bottom to glass dome and slowly zoom in & slow spin camera, and then some static shot like bookshelves, passageways and then will try to move the camera slowly into the aisle. As It’s described in the scene like pinnacle like a beehive, woven with tunnels, steps, platforms, and bridges. With all of this description, I’m thinking I will spin my camera around and take few static shots with depth of field because our library is antique so I will try to take close up shot of high detail models and the low poly model will be in the long camera shot. There is another good reference video I want to share, which is the same above person Alex Roman.

In this video above, we can see how he smoothly captures all the details and he used a couple of  curve smooth shots, my shot is very much similar representation of these above video references almost we will have the same environment feel so this is very easy for me to describe, another very important thing is lighting. In above video reference, we can see the complete sunlight but in our specific shot, we have dusk or very low light so it depends on how light affect our shot as we have some low angle camera shot as well to capture shadows.

In my shot 2, I need to design my shot as child perspective, a mostly child fascinated with the big thing and if we go back in 1950’s where there was no distraction of any gadgets so I guess big infrastructure could fascinate the child. As a child, perspective glass dome is eye-catching so I decided I should start with slow pan spin camera from bottom to glass dome because when a child sees things above they go round and round and says wow,  this same feel I want to show in my shot through the camera.


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