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In this trimester, I’ve chosen character modeling for my specialization, during my specialization I will be focused on good topology.

In my previous trimester, I model few characters, but most of them are low poly characters so this time I will be a focus to learn how to build good topology, so for my character, I choose a 2d game character Guile from street fighter.

I choose this character because he has got very defined muscles  not so much clothing so it helps me to understand  the topology, In my model sheet I’ve changed his hairstyle because I don’t like it.


When we model any 3d object we follow industry trends and techniques, there are several different ways to model,  but I will discuss few basic and commonly used techniques.

  • Box Modeling
  • Edge Modelling
  • Nurbs/spline Modelling
  • Digital Sculpting


Topology is an essential part of any modeling process, I can explain in a very simple way that when we connect small edges, NURBS, point or faces  to each other and follow around to all across the  3D object this is topology.

If any model created for animation purposes,  then we should consider that the edge flow should follow the shape well because if it’s not following properly or it’s not positioned right then there is a possibility that if any bending happens it will be distorted, so we should consider very seriously if we working for the animation team.


Facial topology is hard and very technical because it has the concentric circle around the cavities like the mouth and eye and should allow enough flexibility of easy reshaping opening and closing.

imgur: the simple image sharer:

Limb topology, we need to avoid the use of N-gons,  if the mesh designed to bend because it has many vertices which can be created a problem later, quads are better if we compare with N-gons,  but again it can be a collapse but triangles are better than above cases and it works very well when bending happens.



The first step of any project is research and without research is like you are building something with closed eyes. I’ve done lots of research before start my project I’ve created a board on Pinterest where I saved lots of different concepts art, types of human body parts like face, hands, etc.



The second step is, I’ve started with very simple basic primitives, I actually started with a box and extrude it when I needed, now I do have a chance to an overview of the character’s proportion and I can get an instant feedback  how it looks and implement.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


To further process, I will try to keep my model simple and add detail at the end, follow natural muscle lines and I will make sure I have enough geometry for deforming areas like the knee, elbow.







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