The Shadow Of The Wind

Project Reflection

World-builders, project is over, with lots of thrill, drama, success and questions. First 3 weeks were quite hectic for me because of few uncertain circumstances and I hardly participate in any activity, missed few early lectures most importantly Craig first feedback session. I was literally thinking to quit this trimester because in early weeks I was not sure what is actually going on but I was connected with my team and informed them about my situation and they informed me as well. Initially, during in our planning session on Discord the entire team member actively participated and we have talked about our concept art and initial planning for our individual shots as well, but afterwards I observed that issues arose in communication and everyone is doing their own stuff and there was no clear communication even from the team lead.

Major Project Issues & Event

I would say our leadership is quite poor in this project, communication lacks in multiple occasion, deadline violation, are the main causes. In terms of implementation of project planning was not 100% successful because everyone is working on their shot which is good, but still need to check the progress whether doing right or wrong.

My Role in the Project

In this project, my shot was very important and it needs to create lots of assets as well and as I mentioned earlier that I’ve been assigned to model few extra assets as well, so it was a lot of pressure on me to deliver all the assets with textured in certain time frame. Initially when Micheal asked me to do few extra assets I said yes to him but when I started modelling I felt that there’s not much time left but I started with simple model first and stopped working on complicated models like glass dome and staircase with railing, and I shared with Micheal all of this situation and he said don’t worry about the Dome I will do it, afterwards I was relaxed and focus on my existing assets but later on Micheal message me on slack that he had to work on his shot so you continue with glass dome, so I had to finish all of my assets before the due date but couldn’t work well on my scene lighting and the result was I couldn’t give my shot because I’ve few lighting issues which I showed to Brett too. The problem was when I built a light for my shot, it came from floor, sides of the walls and it is so weird Brennan has checked and identified that the assets in the sequence were not two sided and then later I did all with two-sided, but it didn’t help at all then I match up the light manually with colour and point light.

Creative Process

During the creation of this project, I’ve learned drawing skills. Conception is the hardest job for me, but this time Katty has introduced new methods of the concept art in her lecture, this time was in bit more detail that how we can we play with the right tone and proportions and how to divide your work into layers, sometimes we know how to do it but we don’t know when to use it similarly I used to draw everything in one layer but this time I separated my background, mid-ground, and foreground in different layers and it’s so easy to handle workflow and easy to changes too. The next biggest thing I’ve learned during this process is how to build lighting though I didn’t achieve my desired lighting in the shot but I think I successfully match my shot with Brennan & Micheal. I want to learn and experiments more in unreal to polish my skill.


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