Cross-disciplinary Project

Enouement is the name of my new game project for cross-disciplinary work. It’s a virtual reality game and it needs a lot of exciting 3D models.  The theme of the game is very simple. A hand will appear on the screen and it will allow the player to grab different thing from  the desk, there is a similar example of how it works.

Alright,  I’ve been assigned as a 3d modeler and I need to model few assets for the game. Team lead has chosen me to model  a hand in this game with three different variations  normal, index finger grasped and a full hand grasped.., it’s great to be a part of this project.


The above link is Art bible for this project and a complete list of required assets for this game. I’m looking forward to the outcome of this game and I will make sure give all the assets before the deadline.


R. (2016, November 07). HOW TO HOT DOG!! | Skreleton’s Hotdog Kitchen (HTC Vive – Virtual Reality). Retrieved December 02, 2016, from



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