Post-Mortem Cross Dscipline

This is the post-mortem of my cross-discipline game project  ‘Enouement’. As I mentioned in my previous blog that this is a virtual reality game and it has a lot of exciting 3d models. A player has the power to pick things up with the help of the hand, which appear on the screen. I’ve done 3D hand in 3ds max for this game with three different variations, one is normal, index finger grasped and a full hand grasped.

This is my second collaboration with games, and my first VR game so I was excited to work on this kind of project. I’ve done my asset in the 1st week for the feedback and then continue for other variations which completed as well in the second week. The asset wasn’t really complicated for me as I just need to model a simple hand with no texture just plain white color.

The process was pretty basic, so I’ve started with the index finger and copy that with different size and shape of the hand and then model palm.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The only thing went wrong during this project was communication from the game student, as I mentioned earlier in this blog that this is my 2nd collaboration with the game people, but the most common thing I found in both projects were poor communication from the game students which I think they should improve and it’s not just one person I’m talking about the general game student. I was waiting to get a feedback from them and they replied back after one week.

Overall, I’m happy that I was a part of this project and looking forward to being part of any of other future projects.

Here is the game link below where you can download the game:



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