Specializtion Post-Mortem

Alright, my specialization is over and I’m happy to achieve what I’ve planned so far. I’ve chosen character modelling for my specialization which was a little difficult task for me because I’ve done character modelling in my MDU125 and afterwards didn’t really practice at all, but I would say during my specialization process, there was a new learning technique I discovered and this time my research topic was character topology which helps me to understand and develop right topology.
What went right

When I’ve started modeling my character, I’ve done all my research and process references, which really help me to follow smooth workflow. I’ve collected a lot of reference images which were really helpful throughout my modelling process, then I was following few tutorials as well, I would definitely give credit to Brett, who advised me how to start the process, make a Pinterest board for the reference images and it really worked before that I normally started and stuck in the middle, so yeah this time I’ve done this project with planning and I’m happy with my result.
What went wrong

I think, Couple of things didn’t go well. The first thing is my reference image which I’ve followed throughout in my modelling process, the resolution was scattered which was really annoying especially when I was doing my facial modelling, most of my facial modelling I’ve done for my own reference which obviously you can see my character face, and It looks little different but I’ve learned the lesson this time and will try next time avoid this. The 2nd thing was giving detail to my character in Zbrush, I should have planned earlier, which I admit because In the last couple of weeks I started work on Zbrush and It wasn’t enough time. First of all, it was really hard to understand the interface of Zbrush it’s quite confusing then there was lots of mess I did with my character and there was no time left for the experiment because the deadline was near so I stopped.


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In all of the project, something went well, but others not. I’m satisfied with my overall performance because character modeling is not an easy task to perform there is a lot of technicalities which was good for me that I spent a lot of time on research and then implement all my research. In my holidays I will work on my character in Zbrush give detail and do texture and rigging too for the animation.


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