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Aftermath Alleyway


Our first project is the aftermath Alleyway. We need to create an interactive and explorable environment in unreal engine, utilising a modular workflow to execute our idea in six weeks. We have a good time to complete this task and for that, we have made our project plan so that we can work smoothly and calculate our risk involves during the time of this project.

In week 2, I have done some concept artwork for my project, and I shared my thoughts on slack with my teammates to discuss how we can create a desired scene.

So, this is my concept artwork for the aftermath project. We need to create an environment which is aftermath Alleyway and the feel like a destroyed city which has destroyed buildings, an ancient type of bridge, trees and the alleyway which have camps where families living.

Project Plan & Art Bible

We have successfully executed our project, according to our project plan very smoothly. I think We were pretty defined that what we actually going to do. In the beginning of this project when we were sitting in class to discuss the aftermath project, one thing was very clear that we don’t have to look stuff which is out of the scope, we need to stick with our basic plan and once we achieved it then, we will add on things accordingly.

here is the link to our project plan:

In project proposal, we have covered all our project information in detail. Everyone has done its own bits in the project proposal. I have been assigned to cover all the risk management. Every project has risked so I need to cover all the possible risk involves in this project.

In project plan, we follow ghant chart which indicates our performance and targets, then weekly time sheets how many hours each member working. So pretty much we are organised, the way we  all are working so far no issue at all.

Style Guide/Art Bibble was part of our thinking process but we were kind of struggle in terms of conceptual design as we don’t have any concept artist in our team but so far we have completed our art bible in detail and I think we covered all the aspects of this project in our Style guide document.

here’s the link of our Style guide:

Roles In team


We are a team of five and we are the smallest team because In the rest of the team they are more than five members but it didn’t affect us. We have four generalists except for Micheal he was lead, actually initially we were thinking to divide a task to everyone like one person will do all the modelling, and other will do the texture etc. instead of giving task in part we decided everyone will do his complete model with texture so this will be easy for everyone and everyone agree with that too, and everyone has shown their best. Everyone followed the project plan very well only on few occasion there were some time management issues but everyone dealt professionally especially Micheal has done his job very well.

In the beginning, we had a few issues because we don’t have any concept artist we all have the 3d background, but somehow we ended up with some cool concept. At this point, I would like to mention Katie’s lecture helped us a lot to develop some creative stuff.

Pitches and feedback

MoodBoard.jpgPitches and feedback were very important for our aftermath project. We had  two pitches. First pitch was a normal pitch with Brett and Martin and we pitched our idea on-screen by slides but the second pitch was with Craig, we were  unprepared for that in terms of how we deliver the pitch but it wasn’t bad actually because, In terms of what we pitched our alleyway storyboarding, it don’t feel like an alleyway it’s more like an open space. Our feedback was not really bad we need to focus on small things that can affect significant change the entire scene. Craig gave us feedback maintain your space & senses more like a bunker and add few more assets too but overall our feedback was really helpful for us, we implement straightaway into our scene.

Overhead Map2.png

 Events and Issues

In Aftermath project I’ve been constantly connected with my team and try to engage myself as an active and productive member of the team, but on some occasion,  I couldn’t concentrate due to some personnel Issues which I informed to all of my team and course coordinators too.Actually, it was really hard to understand Quixel because of it’s interface and how to import the assets and how to assign the material id. I tried to search online tutorials but couldn’t find any appropriate, but afterwards, Brett helped me to assign material id in 3ds max and found some good tutorials on youtube to understand Quixel interface, But overall I’m satisfied that I have fulfilled all the commitment. At one point I was thinking that maybe I would not be able to complete my task, but I’m really glad that throughout my team supported me and whenever I felt that I need help they were always there to help.

One thing I need to mention about this project each and every person has done their job pretty well but few issues have been raised during this aftermath project,Micheal is our team Leader and he has done his part very well except in a few things I found is lacking somewhere, on one point I was pretty messed because I missed my lecture and afterwards I was struggling Instead of pushing me to do work he asked me to leave that stuff for him he will do it. The rest of the members have done their jobs pretty well too, especially Matt because he got a few issues in the beginning, but later the way  he worked, is really appreciated. The rest I felt communication is not really strong among the members, but overall everyone has done good work.

Project Assets

In the aftermath alleyway environment, we finalise the asset list which we have to model in 3ds max or Maya, then texture in quixel. I’ve been assigned to develop five different models but later I added two more assets for the project which were;

  • Car
  • Broken Furniture
  • Baby cot
  • Blocks
  • Chain link gate
  • Trash can
  • Tire

The process of the modelling was simple and all of my models were low poly, it’s under 1000 poly’s which was the requirement of this project.

Then, I’ve done UV mapping for my model, and it worked very nicely.

I’ve used Quixel suit for the texturing and it worked beyond the expectations because texturing was the weakest part of mine and I always struggle in my previous tri’s but this time, I’m so happy. The texture I’ve used for my car was acid burned rusty metal and for my trash can i used simple rusty metal which worked fine.

I’ve successfully developed all the models and give it to my team leader Micheal. He took all my assets except the blocks because he doesn’t like the texture I did and later he has done by himself which was pretty cool.

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Once we all have done our basic textured model for the scene, there was still a few gaps to fill with extra bits. So we were thinking to add an extra bit of assets and I decided to model destroyed car and broken furniture that can fill those gaps. This is the first time I’m using quixel for texture my models and I’m pretty excited to use because it’s way too good to use it. Due to my personal issues, I’ve missed the Steve lecture and that took a while to learn and a bit difficult to work, but after few different tutorials and research, I think my texture looks good in unreal engine.

Unreal engine is another tool we need to focus on this trimester, I have used unreal engine before, but just render my model in it, so it was a challenge as well, but we have successfully developed the scene and looks pretty good but on my personal note I still need to learn and practice on unreal engine.

Solution and Improvement

During this project, we had few communication issues within the team like Fiona(studio 1) she had to complete broken window and triggers but throughout our aftermath project, she didn’t really communicate well and she completed triggers and the window in the end which was scheduled earlier but anyway, in the end, I think what we planned we successfully achieved our task, but obviously for the future we need to take great care of these small issues and need to be more organised follow the charts and due date so that we will have enough time to polish our project in the last.

Execute a project plan

We have successfully executed our project, according to our project plan very smoothly. I think We were pretty defined that what we actually going to do. In the beginning of this project when we were sitting in class to discuss the aftermath project, one thing was very clear that we don’t have to look stuff which is out of the scope, we need to stick our basic plan and once we achieved it then, we will add on things accordingly.